About Us

Part of the Abbey Blind Group established in 1991 we have manufactured, supplied and fitted window blinds since 1991 for the domestic, commercial and trade. We operate from two factories in the Black Country area of the West Midlands where we produce made to measure blinds of all types, one of these factories is dedicated to roller blind production. 

We pride ourselves in our expertise and even more so in the huge fabric range that we are able to make available for Customer selection. In June 2019 we took over a warehouse in order to house our ever increasing cloth portfolio. What this meant for the Customer is that our ability to purchase and store volume reduces the raw material costs and this is reflected in the massive discounts that you see passed on pretty will all products, up to 76%!

Telling you about us and making claims is too easy to do, you can't check our claims, but what we can prove to you is the bespoke product that you receive is going to be of a quality beyond your expectations.