Terms & Conditions

Roller Blinds are made to measure products and therefore we cannot accept any responsibility for Customer mismeasurements. All that we ask is that the recess measurements and unit of measurement provided are carefully noted, in return the ordered goods that you receive will reflect those details given. In such instances where Customers are not sure of how to register measurement and units then it would be wise to obtain a second validation from a family member or friend.

All orders are accepted by us on the understanding that the measurements given are correct, we will not offer refunds or accept returns where Customer measurements are incorrect. 

When it comes to colours, fabric quality and opacity, we offer a free sample service where you can obtain up to 10 fabric samples before your purchase. Please make sure that you take advantage of this service. We can actually guarantee that what you are viewing now on your screen will differ, sometimes greatly, from the actual fabric colour. If we were to ask you whether or not your screen settings that you are seeing on the screen is set to exactly the same browser set up as we are using at this moment you would obviously say 'no idea' - colour, hue, contrast, brightness, shade and preference account for a difference of over 10 million variations that are possible between our two browsing views. Then of course fabric density and texture are never going to be appreciated without physical contact. We cannot be held responsible for Customers not testing the suitability of fabrics prior to ordering, this is especially important in the case of express delivery fabrics.

Please, please, please send for FREE Roller Blind fabric samples.